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DMEE - Why copying a standard to bespoke DMEE tree will give different output?

I was faced with this question yesterday and it seems that few payment DMEEs will result in different output when copied into a bespoke Z* or Y* tree. Found out that some of these DMEEs have BADI implemented for them and changing the final file output according to the specific DMEE tree. So, for those who're looking for a reason why your bespoke output file doesn't match the original, do check those available BADI under *DMEE*.

Example that I did yesterday was a copied version of DK_PAYMUL_DOMESTIC. The final file has UNA header as UNA:+,? '. As much as I tried to put a constant in the DMEE tree on a bespoke copy, it won't get copied over to the output file. Found out that there is BADI implemented for that particular DMEE tree, under DMEE_BADI_01 with implementation name DMEE_DK_BADI_01. Copied that and add my bespoke DMEE into the filter and wallah, the output file matches the original.

Hope the above helps those who're stuck wondering why your bespoke copied ver…
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MMDVM ZUM Board - Arrived!

It actually arrived a couple of week ago and I haven't got time to play around with it since I don't have any repeater right now to work on. The package reached me via priority mail from Germany and it comes with a user manual, a USB cable, and MMDVM ZUM board attached to an Arduino DUE board.

My intention is to have this MMDVM ZUM board connected to the Yaesu DR-1X spare repeater for experimenting and if this works well, we could have it installed at one of the repeater site in Klang Valley. This will incite more digital users to be on the air and for those who're starting up, they might want to go further a bit then the normal TYT/Boefeng cheapo HTs and invest on DMR or Yaesu Fusion sets instead.

Will see how it goes! BTW, I'm really enjoying the DMR now. I'm monitoring Brandmiester TG91 most of the time and I've managed to have few QSOs there and the latest was with VK4GO, Art. Art was here in Malaysia many years back and he seems to be very well into this n…

TYT MD-380 + DV4 Mini = DMR hotspot at home

So I saw the TYT MD-380 on sale in lazada for RM450 (- 10% discount from Maybank) = RM405 in total. Didn't think long before I click the buy it now button. I've bought few things from lazada which were delivered from overseas and never got taxed or hold by customs. So, why not give it a go. The local TYT distributor charges double the price for the same thing!

Anyway, its a bit hard for me to understand all the terminologies used in the DMR. Watch the youtube video on how to set up the MD-380 and connect it through the DV4 Mini dongle and managed to have it working last night. With all the DMR jargons that I need to understand, I successfully connected to a talk group 3100 (US Wide), going through Brandmeister, TG4999 and went to BM's website to connect me to TG3100. I've no idea if this is the best way to do it.

While monitoring the QSOs this morning, suddenly I heard my callsign called up on the radio. It was Charles, WB2LMA calling me. Sorry, I've no idea how to…

Revert Smartforms / Sapscript editor from MS-Word

I have no idea if this is ECC 6 only feature but I've just upgraded my Office to 2016 and when I get into the smartforms, I couldn't display the text normally. It has an informational text saying "Use the full screen text editor". To change this back to the normal text editor, just run RSCPSETEDITOR ABAP and untick the SAPScript & Smartforms from the selection and activate. This will revert back your default editor.

JT65-HF HB9HQX + Microkeyer II + TS-590SG

I had a hard time to get this things configured, the most problematic was to get the PTT port recognised. It was in fact a small thing, in the JT65-HF HB9HQX, there is a verify COM Port. I unticked this and wallah, my PTT is working.
For my reference and probably others too in the future, here are the configurations that I have to make this thing working:
Microkeyer II configuration:

JT65-HF HB9HQX configuration:

And on my TS-590SG:
Menu 67 - 38400 Menu 69 - ACC2 Menu 70 - FRONT Menu 73 - 4  Menu 74 - 4

Displaying aprx-rf log onto 4x20 LCD display

Received a request on a short how-to to get the aprs packet shown in the 20x4 LCD display. The way I have for my setup are the following:

1. Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspberry Pi 2 will work, but below that, you need to have different kind of connection for the GPIO).
2. 20x4 LCD HD44780 or compatible screen.
3. Install lcdproc package ($ sudo apt-get install lcdproc)
4. A modified HD44780 driver,

I'm using the following diagram for my LCD connection to the GPIO lines. Ignore the temp sensor connection.

The how-to to get the LCD working can be found on the too.

A modified HD44780 driver can be found down below along with my python code.

Or download or compile your own following the thread in the following forum link:

This modified driver need to be moved into /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/lcdproc/ directory and replacing the driver that comes with the lcdproc package…

9M2MI IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition

A bit late in posting this entry. I was one of the crew members that went for the IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition at Pulau Undan.

Here is the video made by my friend, 9W2SBD (also one of the crew). Enjoy!