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HF portable antenna + looking for antenna analyser now

I've just got the HF portable antenna, the Buddistick that I ordered but I'm yet to try it out. My current QTH is surrounded by small hills and I guess its really restrict me from getting a good reception. I've tried it before with my dipole and what I could hear was only audio from the neighbour country, most probably no band opening on the time I did my monitoring?? Oh well, since I've the Yaesu FC-40, I should go for a long wire way I guess. I will try that later on .. my wife is going to Port Dickson and hopefully I can tag along and have a balcony facing the open sea. 
Anyway, I've received a not so good audio report lately when working out the usual repeater. There was lot of crackling noise together with my audio as what my friend said and usually I received them with load of crackling noise too. So, my base is out of commission right now, I've installed a temporary Slim-Jim antenna, just good for monitoring the VHF band at the moment. I'm really look…